Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers

Box Optronics provides 1310nm 1550nm SOA modules that have high optical gain of 15 dB or higher and a low noise figure of 7 dB or less. The polarization dependent gain is also 1.0 dB or less, which enables signal amplification with practically no problem. The module is a 14-pin compact package with an isolator and TEC (Thermo-Electric Cooler).

SOA (Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers) is a semiconductor element that amplifies light. Antireflective processing is applied on both facets of a semiconductor laser to eliminate the resonator structure. When light enters from outside the semiconductor, the light is amplified by stimulated emission.

Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers are used for amplifying an optical signal. Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers are included in the optical transceiver modules used for communication between data centers to amplify the optical signal in the 1.3 um band used for Ethernet communication in order to compensate for transmission loss.
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  • The 1550nm 8dBm SM SOA Semiconductor Optical Amplifier is a semiconductor optical amplifier with high Signal Gain, designed to be used in general applications to increase optical launch power to compensate for loss of other optical devices. The 1550nm 8dBm SM SOA Semiconductor Optical Amplifier can be ordered with Single Mode (SM) or Polarization Maintaining (PM) fiber input/output. This module version is an ideal building block for system integrators, especially in optical communication networks and CATV applications.

  • The 1310nm 10dBm SOA Semiconductor Optical Amplifier SM Butterfly is designed by using a high quality angled SOA chip and a TEC which can assure a stable amplified output for a large dynamic input signal. The devices are available in a standard, 14-pin butterfly package at the 1310nm and 1550nm bands. The SOA devices have high optical gain, high saturation output power, low polarization dependent loss, low noise figure and broad wavelength range. We have options of optical isolators for input and/or output side as well as output fibers of SM fibers, PM fibers and other special fibers per customer specifications. The products are Telcordia GR-468 qualified, and in compliance with RoHS requirement.

Customized Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers can be bought from Box Optronics. As one of the professional China Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers manufacturers and suppliers, we assist customers to provide better product solutions and optimize industry costs. Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers made in China is not only of high quality, but also cheap. You can wholesale our products at low prices. In addition, we also support bulk packaging. Our value is "customer first, service foremost, credibility foundation, win-win cooperation". For more info, welcome to visit our factory. Let us cooperate with each other to create a better future and mutual benefit.
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