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  • In recent years, thulium-doped fiber lasers have attracted more and more attention due to their advantages such as compact structure, good beam quality, and high quantum efficiency. Among them, high-power continuous thulium-doped fiber lasers have important applications in many fields such as medical care, military security, space communications, air pollution detection, and material processing. In the past nearly 20 years, high-power continuous thulium-doped fiber lasers have developed rapidly, and the current maximum output power has reached the kilowatt level. Next, let’s take a look at the power improvement path and development trends of thulium-doped fiber lasers from the aspects of oscillators and amplification systems.


  • Challenges faced by high-power continuous thulium-doped fiber lasers, Over the past two decades, the output power of continuous thulium-doped fiber lasers has increased dramatically. The output power of a single all-fiber oscillator has exceeded 500 W; the all-fiber MOPA structure has achieved an output power of kilowatts. However, there are still many problems restricting further improvements in power.


  • At the 2023 Indo-Pacific International Maritime Exhibition, Australian Optronic Systems demonstrated its newly developed anti-drone soft-kill solution for the first time.


  • Laser is a laser generating device and one of the core components in laser application equipment. As the core component of laser technology, lasers are strongly driven by downstream demand and have huge growth potential and broad application scenarios.


  • Energy is absorbed in the medium, creating excited states in the atoms. Population inversion is achieved when the number of particles in an excited state exceeds the number of particles in the ground state or less excited states. In this case, a mechanism of stimulated emission can occur and the medium can be used as a laser or optical amplifier.


  • Recently, ResearchAndMarkets released the global industrial laser market analysis report. The global industrial laser market was valued at USD 6.89 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow to USD 15.07 billion by 2027.


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