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  • The 1550nm 50mW 100Khz Narrow Linewidth DFB Butterfly Laser Diode is based on a unique single DFB chip, adopts a unique chip design, advanced packaging technology, has low linewidth and relative intensity noise, and has low sensitivity to wavelength and working current. The device adopts standard 14 pin butterfly package, with high output power, high stability, high reliability.

  • The 850nm 10mW TO CAN VCSEL Laser Diode is a standard Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) in ready to use fiber coupled packages. it is in a small package TO56, Modulation and width >2GHz. We offer the 940nm 10mW VCSEL Laser Diode with multi-mode optical fiber 50um or 62.5um core optical fiber.

  • 1064nm Ytterbium-doped fiber amplifier YDFA generates gain by pumping ytterbium-doped fiber with semiconductor laser, which is used for laser signal in the 1030nm~1100nm band, Hi1060 single-mode fiber or PM980 polarization-maintaining fiber output, the output power is continuously adjustable, with high gain and With the advantage of low noise, the desktop YDFA is convenient for experimental operation, and the user can adjust the pump current and output power through the buttons on the front panel. A smaller modular YDFA can also be provided, which is convenient for user system integration.

  • Manual Fiber Polarization Controllers is made by the principle of birefringence generated by optical fiber under the action of external force. The three rings are equivalent to λ/4, λ/2 and λ/4 wave plates respectively. The light wave passes through the λ/4 wave plate and is converted into linearly polarized light, and then the polarization direction is adjusted by the λ/2 wave plate. The polarization state of the linearly polarized light is changed to an arbitrary polarization state via a λ/4 wave plate. The delay effect caused by the birefringence effect is mainly determined by the cladding radius of the fiber, the radius of the fiber surround and the wavelength of the light wave.

  • The 1450/1550/1660nm 1x3 Raman Filter WDM for DTS Systems Module is manufactured by using thin-film filter technology, it used to separate and combine different signal wavelengths at 1450nm, 1550nm, and 1660nm (or 1650nm). This 1x3 Raman Filter WDM with low insertion loss and high isolation Characteristic. It's widely used in Raman DTS systems or other fiber test or measurement systems.

  • The 1030nm DFB Fiber Coupled Laser Diode module is a cost effective, highly coherent laser diode. The DFB laser diode chip is packaged in an industry standard hermetically sealed 14 pin butterfly package with TEC and PD Built in.

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