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  • The 1550nm 40mW 600Khz DFB Butterfly Package Narrow Linewidth Laser Diode is based on a unique single DFB chip, adopts a unique chip design, advanced packaging technology, has low linewidth and relative intensity noise, and has low sensitivity to wavelength and working current. The device adopts standard 14 pin butterfly package, with high output power, high stability, high reliability.

  • The 940nm 10mW VCSEL Laser Diode is a standard Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) in ready to use fiber coupled packages. it is in a small package TO56, Modulation and width >2GHz. We offer the 940nm 10mW VCSEL Laser Diode with multi-mode optical fiber 50um or 62.5um core optical fiber.

  • BoxOptronics provide 1310nm 1mW superluminescent diodes SLD mini package, This SLD is built into a 6-pin small package with an integrated thermoelectric cooler (TEC) and thermistor to ensure output stability. The output is coupled into an SM or PM fiber. SLDs are applied in situations where a smooth and broadband optical spectrum (i.e. low temporal coherence), combined with high spatial coherence and relatively high intensity, is required.

  • The 1X2 1310/1550nm CWDM wavelength WDM Wavelength Division Multiplexer is designed to combine light from two inputs into a single fiber. This WDM is designed for 1310 nm and 1550 nm wavelengths. Like all fused fiber devices, it is bidirectional: it can be used to split two wavelengths from a single input into two outputs. we can also provide other CWDM(1270nm to 1610nm) wavelengths WDM.

  • 0.3mm Active Area InGaAs photodiodes for near-infrared light detection. Features include high speed, high sensitivity, low noise, and spectral responses ranging from 1100nm to 1650nm Suitable for a wide range of applications including optical communication, analysis, and measurement.

  • The 1653.7nm 13mW DFB TO-CAN Laser Diode For CH4 Sensing delivers reliable,Stable wavelength and high power output,With collimating lens. This single longitudinal mode laser is designed specifically for gas sensing applications targeting Methane(CH4). The narrow linewidth output improves application performance across a wide range of operating conditions.