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  • Benchtop Type Erbium-doped Fiber In-line Amplifier combines the advantages of PA amplifier and BA amplifier which with high gain, high transmit power, and relatively low noise.

  • The 450nm 20W Multimode Pigtailed Laser Diode offer up to 20W output power from a 105um fiber. The diode laser maintains its unparalleled reliability and efficiency by coupling high-brightness, high-power single-emitter diodes with a proprietary optical design for efficient fiber coupling.

  • The DWDM 10mW DFB Butterfly Laser Diode is a high performance DFB laser diode. The center wavelengths are at DWDM wavelength grid (ITU grid) with 100GHz channel spacing. An InGaAs MQW (multi-quantum well) DFB (distributed feedback) laser chip is hermetically sealed inside a 14-pin butterfly package, fitted with thermistor, thermoelectric cooler (TEC), monitor photodiode and built-in optical isolator. This laser module has 2.5Gbps direct modulation bit rate. This product can be used in various OC-48 or STM-16 systems.

  • 976nm 980nm Laser Diode 400mW Pump fiber coupled line of single mode, cooled 980 nm pump lasers deliver up to 700mW of fiber-coupled power. The modules are packaged using the unique, patent pending technology for permanent fiber alignment. provided superior end-of-life optical and electrical performance, achieved by maintaining a highly stable, all-axis alignment lock between the laser chip and the tip of the single-mode fiber. The hermetically sealed 14 pin butterfly package is available with a fiber Bragg grating and includes thermoelectric cooler, thermistor, monitor photodiode. The fiber Bragg grating precisely locks the center wavelength over extended power and temperature range. Center wavelengths in the range of 976 nm to 980 nm are available with tight wavelength control.

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