Ultrafast Laser Modules

Box Optronics offer Ultrafast Laser Modules with the pulse duration in the range of nanosecond, picosecond and femtosecond. Ultrafast Laser has been widely used in the fields of optical frequency comb, supercontinuum spectrum, terahertz THz, high power laser seed source, Supercontinuum generation, Nonlinear optics,Ultrafast laser phenomenon,Optical fiber sensor, scientific research and so on, We Provide a greater level of robustness, higher lifetimes, and a cost-effective solution.

Box Optronics provide many options in Ultrafast Laser Modules, we have 1560nm, 50fs 100fs and 500fs, 1mW 10mW and 50mW Femtosecond Pulse Fiber Laser, 1064nm 1550nm 1560nm, 10mW 20mW, SM fiber or PM fiber Picosecond Pulse Fiber Laser, 1550nm, 10W 20W 50W Nano-second Pulse Fiber Laser, We can also accept the customization of pulse width, output power, repetition frequency, fiber type and other Parameters.

Ultrafast Laser Modules adopts a unique circuit and optical optimization design. The output pulse width, peak power and repetition frequency can be adjusted. The working wavelength and power output are stable, and the noise is low. The RS232 serial port is remote controlled. ultrafast laser uses high-performance rare earth fiber as working medium, combines high-precision dispersion compensation technology and active servo control system to achieve stable output of 1.064μm-band picosecond pulse laser. It has the characteristics of very narrow laser pulse, high peak power and so on. ultrafast lasers integrate the latest femtosecond laser technology, using high-performance rare earth fiber as the working medium, combining with high-precision dispersion compensation technology and active servo control system, to achieve stable output of 1.5um femtosecond pulse laser.
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Customized Ultrafast Laser Modules can be bought from Box Optronics. As one of the professional China Ultrafast Laser Modules manufacturers and suppliers, we assist customers to provide better product solutions and optimize industry costs. Ultrafast Laser Modules made in China is not only of high quality, but also cheap. You can wholesale our products at low prices. In addition, we also support bulk packaging. Our value is "customer first, service foremost, credibility foundation, win-win cooperation". For more info, welcome to visit our factory. Let us cooperate with each other to create a better future and mutual benefit.
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