• Everyone must have heard the slogan "femtosecond laser for myopia", but I believe many people don't know what femtosecond laser is. Similarly, there are nanosecond laser and picosecond laser. What's the difference between these strange seconds and our common lasers?


  • ASE light source is specially designed for laboratory experiment and production. The main part of the light source is gain medium erbium-doped fiber and high-performance pump laser. The unique ATC and APC circuits ensure the stability of the output power by controlling the output of the pump laser. By adjusting APC, the output power can be adjusted within a certain range. Simple and intelligent operation and remote control.


  • DWDM(Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing): is the ability to combine a group of optical wavelengths with a single optical fiber for transmission. This is a laser technology used to increase bandwidth on existing fiber optic backbone networks. More precisely, the technology is to multiplex the tight spectral spacing of a single fiber carrier in a specified fiber in order to utilize the achievable transmission performance (for example, to achieve the minimum degree of dispersion or attenuation). In this way, under a given information transmission capacity, the total number of optical fibers required can be reduced.


  • As a core driving force in the field of industrial manufacturing, laser technology itself is constantly moving forward. In summary, lasers are developing in the four major directions of "faster, higher, better, and shorter".


  • When using laser as a carrier wave for communication or tools for processing, medical treatment, sensing, and detection, it is usually necessary to manage the polarization state of the laser. If the system needs to maintain a certain special polarization state of the laser, in the case of non-free space, the polarization-maintaining fiber or the circular-preserving fiber will be a practical solution to maintain the laser polarization state in a closed channel mode.


  • The 980/1550nm wavelength division multiplexer (WDM) is a key component of erbium-doped fiber lasers and amplifiers. 980/1550nm WDM is mostly made of single-mode fiber (SMF) and made by winding fusion tapering method. With the development of optical fiber communication and sensing technology and the successful development of polarization-maintaining fibers, PMF circulators and isolators, more and more systems use PMF and polarization-maintaining devices to package the polarization characteristics of the optical transmission in the subsystem.