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  • The 1064nm Single Mode Fiber Coupled DFB Laser Diode utilizes a planar construction with chip on subcarrier. The high power chip is hermetically sealed in a epoxy-free and flux-free 14-pin butterfly package and fitted with a thermistor, thermoelectric cooler, and monitor diode. This 1064nm DFB laser diode provides a noise-free narrowband spectrum, even under changes in temperature, drive current, and optical feedback. Wavelength selection is available for applications that require the highest performance in spectrum control with the highest available powers.

  • 976nm 400mW PM FBG Stabilized pigtailed butterfly laser diode combined with fiber-optic FBG frequency lock to ensure stable spectral wavelength. The professionally designed drive circuit and TEC control ensure laser safe and stable operation,single mode or polarization-maintaining pigtail output. This laser can be used in scientific research and production testing. It is suitable as a pump laser source for fiber lasers or fiber amplifiers.

  • 1064nm Fiber Laser Module For Seed Source In MOPA System can be used as seed laser of high power laser,1060nm band fiber devices.

  • The 1550nm 40mW 600Khz DFB Butterfly Package Narrow Linewidth Laser Diode is based on a unique single DFB chip, adopts a unique chip design, advanced packaging technology, has low linewidth and relative intensity noise, and has low sensitivity to wavelength and working current. The device adopts standard 14 pin butterfly package, with high output power, high stability, high reliability.

  • This 1270nm 5mW TO-CAN DFB Laser Diode is a product operable over a broad temperature range with a low temperature-wavelength coefficient. It is well suited for applications such as communications research, interferometry, and optical reflectometry for distance measurement in fiber or free space. Each device undergoes testing and burn-in. This laser comes packaged in a 5.6 mm TO Can. It contains an integrated aspheric focusing lens in the cap, allowing the focus spot and numerical aperture (NA) to be matched to SMF-28e+ fiber.

  • BoxOptronics provide 1310nm 1mW superluminescent diodes SLD mini package, This SLD is built into a 6-pin small package with an integrated thermoelectric cooler (TEC) and thermistor to ensure output stability. The output is coupled into an SM or PM fiber. SLDs are applied in situations where a smooth and broadband optical spectrum (i.e. low temporal coherence), combined with high spatial coherence and relatively high intensity, is required.

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