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  • BoxOptronics 1310nm 1550nm L-Band Polarization independent Optical Isolator is a fiber-coupled in-line polarization-independent isolator that Fiber isolators protect light sources from back reflections and signals that can cause intensity noise and optical damage. Optical isolators, also known as Faraday isolators, are magneto-optic devices that preferentially transmit light in the forward direction while absorbing or displacing light propagating in the reverse direction, It is widely use in protect against reflections, which can corrupt some measurements or damage lasers and amplifiers. This 1310nm 1550nm L-Band Polarization independent Optical Isolator can be single or double/dual stage depending on the degree of required optical isolation of the propagating light.

  • The 980nm 1030nm 1064nm high power fiber optical isolators is a fiber-coupled component that allows all polarized light signal (not just the light polarized in a specific direction) to propagate along a fiber in one direction but not in the opposite direction. Functionally, it is quite like an optic-electrical diode. The 980nm 1030nm 1064nm high power fiber optical isolators are necessary in fiber optic systems in many roles the most common of which is the prevention of back-reflected light coming back down a fiber from re-entering and disrupting the operations of a laser. Boxoptronics provide 1W,2W,3W,...,10W or other high power Polarization maintaining fiber isolators.

  • 1683nm 10mW DFB Butterfly Laser Diode For Ethane C2H6 Gas Sensing have been designed specifically to satisfy the requirements of the sensor application. The devices feature high output power and wide operating temperature range. Their 14-pin butterfly packages are either pincompatible with standard SONET OC-48 devices.

  • The Manual Variable Fiber Optical Attenuator allow the user to manually vary the attenuation of the signal in the fiber as it is transmitted through the device. These VOAs can be used to to precisely balance the signal strengths in fiber circuits or to balance an optical signal when evaluating the dynamic range of the measurement system. The Manual Variable Optical Attenuator have single mode or PM fiber pigtails with a 900um jacket. The VOAs are offered unterminated or terminated with FC/PC or FC/APC connectors. For other connector styles or custom requests, please contact Technical Support.

  • The 1550nm 8dBm SM SOA Semiconductor Optical Amplifier is a semiconductor optical amplifier with high Signal Gain, designed to be used in general applications to increase optical launch power to compensate for loss of other optical devices. The 1550nm 8dBm SM SOA Semiconductor Optical Amplifier can be ordered with Single Mode (SM) or Polarization Maintaining (PM) fiber input/output. This module version is an ideal building block for system integrators, especially in optical communication networks and CATV applications.

  • The 1310nm 10dBm SOA Semiconductor Optical Amplifier SM Butterfly is designed by using a high quality angled SOA chip and a TEC which can assure a stable amplified output for a large dynamic input signal. The devices are available in a standard, 14-pin butterfly package at the 1310nm and 1550nm bands. The SOA devices have high optical gain, high saturation output power, low polarization dependent loss, low noise figure and broad wavelength range. We have options of optical isolators for input and/or output side as well as output fibers of SM fibers, PM fibers and other special fibers per customer specifications. The products are Telcordia GR-468 qualified, and in compliance with RoHS requirement.