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  • The 830nm Broadband SLED Superluminescent Diodes that operates in a true inherent superluminescent mode. This superluminescent property generates broader band at higher drive currents in contrast to other conventional SLED which are ASE-based, here high drive tends to give narrower band. Its low coherence reduces Rayleigh backscattering noise. Coupled with high power and large spectral width, it offsets photoreceiver noise and improves spatial resolution (in OCT) and measurand sensitivity (in sensors). The SLED is available in 14-pin butterfly package. It is compliance with the requirements of Bellcore Document GR-468-CORE.

  • 3Ghz High speed InGaAs Photo detector Module is with photoelectric response bandwidth ≥3GHz, a pulse rise time of 125ps and wavelength range of 1020~1650nm. SMA interface is used for RF signal output, which connect with RF test equipment. for optical transmission system, ultrafast laser pulse detection.

  • The Programmable Optical Attenuator For Optical Fiber Communication is used for attenuation control of optical power in optical fiber path, with power monitoring, large attenuation range, high adjustment accuracy and stable power, which can provide benchtop type or modular packaging.

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