Professional Knowledge

Boxoptonics is a provider of optical coherence tomography OCT components


Time-domain OCT is mainly composed of Michelson interferometers. The light emitted by the light source is divided into two beams after passing through the coupler, and enters the sample arm and the reference arm of the Michelson interferometer respectively. The sample light is returned by the scattering and reflection of the sample, and the reference light is reflected by the reference mirror. If the returned two When the optical path difference of the beams is within a range of coherence length, interference can occur to form an interference spectrum carrying sample information. The optical signal is converted into an electrical signal through the photodetector at the receiving end, and then the signal is collected by the data acquisition card, and finally processed and image reconstructed by the computer to perform tomographic imaging of the sample.

Our company provides 850nm superluminescent diode laser or module used in OCT, 850nm 2X2 fiber coupler, 830nm polarization independent isolator, 850nm C-lens and 850nm 3-ring polarization controller.

System structure diagram of time-domain OCT:

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