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Five trends in the fiber laser market are suggested by the Institute

The successful development of Lock Martin‘s latest 30,000 watt laser weapon can not be separated from the emergence and significant development of fiber laser technology. Fiber laser is a kind of laser which uses rare earth doped glass fiber as gain medium. Fiber laser can be developed on the basis of fiber amplifier. Different from the traditional gas laser, the fiber laser uses the fiber as the resonant cavity in the laser beam forming.

In the next few years, there are five trends in the FIBER LASER MARKET: Increasing R & D Costs for suppliers, increasing win-win cooperation among suppliers, technological advances, environmentally friendly technologies, and increasing supplier productivity.

Global Fiber laser suppliers such as IPG have already spent heavily on research and development to expand their product lines. In the future, fiber laser industry, Major Manufacturers will increase R & D investment in technology to enhance product features to meet the growing customer demand. From the return point of view, the R & D Investment will increase the market share of products while also conducive to the formation or maintenance of their own market competitiveness.

Win-win cooperation among suppliers will become another trend in the industry in the future. The commercial cooperation aims to enlarge the market share and obtain the biggest market interest, through the strategic alliance, also can promote the development of their technology exchange.

The continuous popularity of fiber laser industry benefits from the continuous development of technology, mainly in the cost, energy consumption and space. Compared with its alternatives, fiber laser technology is becoming more mature, especially in energy saving than ever before.

Fiber lasers will produce less carbon dioxide and deliver better performance than other technologies. Technologies such as reducing energy consumption, reducing waste, and using non-hazardous materials will increase the popularity of fiber lasers.

With global acceptance of fiber laser technology on the rise, suppliers are leaning towards increasing production and productivity. In 2012, for example, IPG invested $68.2 million to boost production.

The institute‘s Research Report involved a number of manufacturers investigating the fiber laser market, such as American coherence, Libo, IPG of Germany, roven laser, Tongkuai and more than 30 other laser companies.