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Broadband light sources and its function


What is broadband light sources.

Broadband light sources is a very stable light source, which originated from a company named IR in the United States. This kind of light source has wide frequency band, low degree of polarization and high power to ensure its stability. The broadband light sources has a wide range of wavelengths, even up to 350 nm. The high-energy light-emitting diodes help it control its stability accurately. Once we set up all the bands, this broadband light sources can be used in all the communication windows. High speed external modulator can cooperate with lock-in amplifier to measure and communicate data with high sensitivity. The low degree of polarization ensures high accuracy and consistent measurement results.


The role of broadband light sources.

The spectrum of this kind of broadband light sources has a certain range, the minimum is 600 nm, the maximum can reach 1600 nm, the coherence is very low, and its central wavelength can be selected, the power is very high, which ensures its stability, and the spectrum is also very flat, any device, module or even desktop can be selected.

Therefore, broadband light sources is widely used in all walks of life, and our life is also convenient. For example, it can be used in optical fiber sensing system, fiber optic gyroscope, optical testing instrument, etc. all need the support of broadband light sources, and even widely used in the production and testing of passive components, and can also be used in the research of national defense and military.broadband light sources